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logo-1Never in a dozen lifetimes would I ever have thought there would come a day that my company would publicly thank our Business Law Firm. Let me first say that I received no moneys, or widgets as they say in law school (or so I’ve heard), for this message. In fact, we paid them and we are still writing this public note of gratitude. However, in a world where such negative stigma resides anytime the words “legal or law” are present, this message should be a breadth of fresh air.

You must be thinking, “GMP&THREE LLC just got duped by some really good salesmen,” right? We questioned that too, but to the contrary, we felt the transaction actually went incredibly smooth and what we paid for the services was very fair. Without further ado, GMP&THREE LLC is thankful for our law firm,Hansen, Kohl’s, Summer & Jacob LLP.

A little over a year ago, we formed an LLC and were having all kinds of issues with a services agreement we received off of the internet – a huge no no! Our clients didn’t mind, but we didn’t even like the agreement. It was too long, too cumbersome, and every time we would try to explain it a new client everyone walked away feeling sore in the head because it included terminology about floppy discs and back up tapes, which in case you don’t know, no longer exist in the computer world – THANK GOODNESS!

Anyway, we just sincerely wanted to say thank you for the new services agreement, but more importantly, for the positive interactions we had with you. You, and your staff, took the time to provide a level of edification that was not required, you always met deadlines and time tables we agreed on, and you spoke with us during late hours of the night to ensure we had what we needed. We never forgot and will definitely be back.

If your company is in need of business law, of nearly any kind, visit our friends over at Hansen, Kohl’s, Summer & Jacob LLP. If you have the same kind of experience we did, you won’t regret it!

Make it a great day!