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No matter your opinion on electronic billboards, when handled with responsibility and care, they do provide necessary services to businesses and the public. These services can range from safety (such as, amber alerts and crime prevention), local and national awareness (with the use of Public Service Announcements, or PSAs), commerce, and now even live data like live local sports scores and polling.

In the greater Sacramento area, and more specifically in Folsom, CA, GMP&THREE LLC has been honored to work with and see through to fruition the latest technical advancements with regards to billboard technology and web marketing integration brought to you by Marquee Media. In addition to building their website, designing sales brochures, and designing imagery for their flagship billboard, GMP&THREE has also been in collaboration with the great folks at Marquee regarding ways to expand their existing billboard technology even further. More about that at another time!

The above image was taken facing away from the sign (west towards Sacramento, CA.)
For now, we wanted to share a couple of images of the billboard that were taken while being hoisted into the air (VERY HIGH!). Jason Hollis, Co-founder and Owner of GMP&THREE LLC, took these while enjoying a premiere view of both Marquee Media’s new sign in Folsom, CA on the first day it was lit up and of the always beautiful Folsom, CA!