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We want to wish our client & friend, Chuck Price, all the best in 2015 on his new Podcast spin off of his radio show, Investing Simplified®. Also, congratulations on your acceptance into Apple’s iTunes store as a featured podcast. Thanks for letting us configure it and guide you along the way. If you’re reading this, would you help us out by reviewing Chuck’s latest podcast and provide us with any feedback on the design, bio, and ease of use? It’s located here:

A little info: Chuck’s show is one of the longest running financial/investing shows in Portland, Oregon. The show is an industry tell-all that tears open the curtain between what you see and hear on the drive-by media what is *really* going on in the market and without unbiased opinion. I always enjoy it. Let me know if you find any inconsistencies or issues I need to resolve since this is a new listing. Any feedback you can provide Chuck is also greatly appreciated!