New Product Site For Chuck Price, CRFA

chuck-price-investing-simplified-bookIf you’ve ever thought that finances were a bit of a trying topic to stomach for long periods of time, you are not in bad company. However, anybody who has operated a business, run a household, or even kept a ledger would know the importance of investing. One of my favorite clients, Chuck Price, CRFA, wrote a book to help investors of all levels simplify their understanding of investment strategies through his book, Investing Simplified®. Chuck had us create this brand new landing page to showcase his book while he talks about it on the radio, through his articles, and media events. The site we built features a 3D Model of the book that stands tall and uses a direct marketing platform which boasts 2 click e-commerce. First click to decide electronic or hard copy and a second click to checkout. We wanted to make his book larger than life and stand out so we made EVERYTHING about the book. Nothing distracting, no ads, and no fluff. Here’s the product, here’s what you’ll get, and here’s how to get it.

Like what you see? Let us know what you think. Most people seem to send us private messages because their shy about speaking in public. If that’s you, send us a message here.

Author: jason

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