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We have had many good experiences working with a Sacramento/Placer County Spa Dealer, Hot Tub & Spa Emporium. We thought it would be great to show you their site while applauding and celebrating with them as they continue to achieve 5 star customer service reviews at their Google Business Page. Congratulations guys as your hard work pays off. We hope that is equally met with the financial return a newer business with as many good reviews as yours should see.

What We Did:

GMP&THREE completed a decent amount of design and programming work for Sac Hot Tub, as we call them here. First, we designed their signage logo for the storefront and the website, laid out customer agreements, designed business cards, letterheads, and a full business media suite. Secondly, we developed and designed their website while taking some photography full with a dynamic product showcase that is essentially a web store without the ability for folks to purchase products. We did that intentionally because the store’s current focus is to serve local customers only, at least for the time-being.

One of the exciting, and on-going, challenges for this project was that the Sacramento market is pretty well saturated with hot tub stores and most are ranked up there with used car salesmen. Though that is not an admittedly easy task, as we continue to walk along side and monitor results, we are seeing that stigma change one customer at a time with Sac Hot Tub, which makes us really proud of these guys.

We wish you continued success as you continue to meet the needs of your community. Looking forward to some great experiences ahead!

Visit their website here and let us know what you think!

-Your friends at GMP&THREE