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microsoft-logoWe are nearly ready to take our partnership with Microsoft to the next level and enroll into the Cloud Accelerate cloud partner program. GMP&THREE LLC customers who already benefit from our experience know how hard we work and strive to become even better at what we do and increase the quality of service we provide. Being a small business, we are uniquely positioned to be able to pick and choose who we work with and focus ample amounts of time on our customers because they are the reason we exist. We are extremely proud to be a Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner and will continue to offer Microsoft Office 365 Products for the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in business-class email for you and your team of co-workers that syncs your calendar, contacts, and emails flawlessly, Microsoft Office 365 is your solution. If you need Microsoft Office products (outlook, excel, word, etc.), this product is perfect for you. If you need that and Active Directory/Single Sign-on capabilities then you have died and gone to heaven.

We would welcome the opportunity to compare your current solution to MS Office 365. Contact us if you are ever wondering about it.