Still Think Managing Your Own Website’s A Good Idea?

There is a lot of hustle that takes place from day to day as a business owner. If it can happen to him, it can happen to you. Jeb Bush’s camp failed big. They forgot to renew the domain name,!?!?!?! Guess who picked that one up? None other than Donald Trump. Now when you visit it goes to Donald Trump’s campaign website.

GMP&THREE will closely manage and guard your intellectual property, including your domains, because we know how important it is to your future. So many web service providers do not seem to understand how vitally important domains are to your business, and even personal, life. They are typically tied to your website, your email, any services requiring additional verification, mobile apps, and more.

GMP&THREE has never lost a client’s domain, email, or any piece of IP since we began proving IT, Web/Marketing, and Media services over 15 years ago. Not even during a migration or transfer. We value the information our clients trust us with as if it is our own.  

Can you imagine if your sales, marketing, communication, mobile applications, and more went dark in a single moment? It would be like traveling back to 1998, or earlier.

Now, on top of that, imagine your competitor getting your name – legally. All your previous contacts from communication via email, chat, and web services begin sending messages to them thinking it’s still you. Confusion sets in at your camp. You begin to wonder how this happened. How it could ever happen. Fury sets in once you realize it did happen when you thought it couldn’t. Well, It happens. More than you know. All it takes is one small oversight and after a 30 day grace period – poof! Gone.

Still want to do this all yourself?

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