Your Trusted Parter In…

Cyber Security / MSP Provider

With cybercrimes on the rise, GMP&THREE has the tools you need to keep you, your employees and your business safe. Whether you only want the software or someone to manage your security for you, GMP&THREE is your partner in cybersecurity risk prevention.

Computer & IT Products *NEW*

You can now source the business and personal computers, IT equipment, and software you need through GMP&THREE. With brands like Lenovo, Microsoft, Sophos, and more you now have direct access to the industries’ latest products at great prices right here. 

Websites & Hosting

GMP&THREE offers many types of web development and hosting options based on the individual needs of your business. From boilerplate to custom enterprise, GMP&THREE can produce what you need to take your business to the next level.

Digital Marketing

Promote your brand and reach new customers with GMP&THREE’s suite of online marketing products and partnerships. You’ll work with our agency where we’ll produce an opportunity that lasts.

Information Technology

Do you need to manage switches, servers, firewalls, network security, and/or VPNs? GMP&THREE can help you extend your network safely, on budget, and on time. We stock many products and those that we don’t you can get through our sources for better products at the best prices.

Business Branding & Identity

GMP&THREE helps brands create good names with logos, letterhead, business cards, and all the necessary starting materials to get businesses up and running quickly and effectively.

Serving Others Since 2006

,Jason Hollis, President of GMPand3, has 18 years experience partnering with other passionate businesses who aim to position themselves better and/or increase sales. As a seasoned marketing director, web and creative solutions specialist, Jason brings a list of skillsets that any growing company requires, including: website development, information technology, networking, cyber security, audio and video production, and project management just to name a few. Jason has played an integral role with the development, advancement and acquisition of several highly successful companies nationwide.

Christie Hollis, Vice President of GMPand3, has been an entrepreneur since 2001 when she began her first company, Hilliard Brokering as a buyer and seller in the wholesale vertical. Today Christie uses her expertise and Associates Degree in Business to build better business structure, creative business plans, project management and strategy implementation.